Breakfast at Lola's


~Continental Breakfast, ~Victoria Falls Full breakfast
~Early Bird-s, Omelet breakfast, ~The Big 5, Benedict eggs breakfast
~(V) Rain forest, Healthy breakfast


~Cold tomato soup “Gazpacho” or Villagers soup of the day,
~Vegetarian pastries ~Organic Greek special salad,

Mpiko / Wings
Deep Fried Crocodile Fillet


~ Zambezi deconstructed fish roll ~Lake Kariba Bream~Rump Steak ~Grilled Pork Chops ~ ½ Road Runners Chicken ~ Vegetarian pastries ~Fresh homemade Italian Tagliatelle ~ The traditional Spanish Paella ~Vegetarian or Seafood

Anytime Dessert

~Mediterranean ice cream ~Chef’s creation Homemade cake portion ~Crepe a la “Beurre Suzette” or Choco/Banana Crepe ~Don Pedro ~Muffins

Fish - Light Meals

Light Meals

~Homemade BBQ beef and cheese burger ~African open chicken Sandwich ~Lola’s Toasted Sandwiches ~Crepe Menu ~Boiled Potatoes salad


Game Steak, Ribs, Burgers and Stew;
Kudu, Giraffe, Buffalo, Bushbuck, Wildebeest, Zebra, Tsetssebee, Eland, Warthog, Sable, Impala, Guinea Fowl ..

Giraffe Ribs Carnivore
Spanish Tapas


~Light Bites “COMBO” ~Tapas Tasting ~Platter of Spanish Tapas ~Platter of African Tapas

Kids Menu

~Tagliatelle Bolognese & Milkshake ~¼ Grilled Chicken & Milkshake ~Any Crepe Menu & Milkshake ~Beef burger & Milkshake

Kids Menu
Lola's Tapas & Bar


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Winner of the 2016 Tourism & Leisure Award

Great season for Lola's indeed! Whilst celebrating our 5th Anniversary, we received great news, that we had been capped the best Tourism & Leisure performer of 2016 in the whole of Zimbabwe.
Victoria Falls Restaurants


African-Euro fusion

African Ingredients, European touch, African Chefs, Spanish concept..
Most people say Lola's is for the adventurous, some say its a marriage..

Game Meat


Game steaks, burgers, stews & ribs

Arguably the widest collection of game meat in the region. Offering Warthog, Kudu, Buffalo, Impala, Zebra, Giraffe, Guine fowl, Crocodile..

Lola's Tapas Restaurant


As we celebrate our 5th Anniversary..

Here are some specials for this month but please make sure to check our specials board by the reception wall in the restaurant..

Traditional Dance


Live Marimba & Dance performance

Everday around lunch and dinner times, The Big Five takes stage presenting traditional music, dancing and singing..

Things to do in Victoria Falls

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Here is what travelers who have been to Lola's are saying:

“Lola's is easily found in the centre of Victoria Falls town; it offers a wide variety of game to eat including crocodile and Kudu. It has a semi alfresco dining environment, the staff are helpful and friendly. Two course dinner with three beers cost me $30 which I considered reasonable.”

“My husband and I enjoyed a lovely lunch here after walking along the rim of Victoria Falls. We had some very tasty crocodile bites and coleslaw along with a glass of wine. It was a delightful snack in pleasant surroundings..”

“Lovely food, especially if you love meat. Try the game tasting menu 'THE CARNIVORE' which gives you a great opportunity to taste all different kind of game meat like Crocodile, Kudu, Giraffe, Zebra, Impala and many more. You also can have as much as you can bear. Furthermore, the Mopani worms were an absolute delicious experience too; give it a try ;)”